How do you beat the mid-winter blahs?

As much as I would love to jump on a plane and fly off to the tropics, I need to find ways to beat the blahs much closer to home, in the north, the cold, snowy, blowy north.  It’s still a great question.  How do YOU beat the mid-winter blahs? I’ll bet your first answer is NOT “I’m going to do my estate planning!” Maybe it should be.

One thing I love about winter is that I am forced to spend a lot of time inside. These quieter times let me think about what I want to do during the year ahead, in the warmer weather months, in my law practice, and with my family. I do a lot of puttering and organizing in the winter. It’s a great time to clear out cluttered cupboards and closets and neaten things up a bit.  I also tend to make lists and figure out sets of instructions so that when the time comes to charge ahead, we know what we’re doing.

When the time comes for your family to step in and help you, will they know what to do? Is there a set of instructions written down that tells them exactly

  • who will stand up for you?
  • who will speak for you when you can’t?
  • who will take care of your affairs if you’re unable to do it yourself?

If you have created this most important set of instructions, is it stored somewhere that’s safe yet easily accessible by the people you’ve chosen to help you?

Whatever you choose to do to beat the winter blahs, have fun with it. Drink some cocoa, organize a closet, or take a vacation. If you do choose to write a few instructions for your family, give me a call. I’d be happy to listen to your ideas, offer some guidance, and hopefully create a plan that will work for you and your family.


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